How to make use of Google input tools?

Written by habiby

Google input tools allow you to type in over 80 languages, once you install the app or software necessary, you can use it online or offline, it remembers the words you add in these languages. What is google input tools?

This links you to the main google input tools site.

If you want to type in your language you can go this link

clicking the above link or the image takes you to google input tool
  1. When you click on the English button, you will be able to see all the languages in which you are able to type.

2. Once you select the language you want to type in you can start typing in english, the pronunciation of the word, so you simply type in the sound and google will convert that into the language with the letters of that language.

Now as you type in English the word you want to convert into your local language, and all the possible words in that voice will start to appear for you to choose..

Whatever you wanted to type is in your language, now, all you have to do is copy and paste this.

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